Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Who are they?

Who rules the world?
In America:
The banks:
2.Lehman Brothers
3.August Belmont
4.Goldman Sachs & Co.
5.J. & W. Seligman
6.James Speyer & Co.
7.Kuhn Loeb & Co. (Warburg)
8.Lazard Freres

The Media:

•AOL-Time Warner : Gerald Levin
•CNN : Walter Isaacson
•Polygram : Edgar Bronfman Jr.
•Walt Disney : Joseph E. Roth
•Miramax Films : B. & H. Weinstein
•ABC : Michael Eisner
•Viacom : Murray Redstone
•CBS : Murray Redstone
•Dreamworks : Katzenberg/Geffen/Spielberg
•Vivendi : Edgar Bronfman Jr.
•News Corporation : Rupert Murdoch
•Associated Press : Michael Silverman
•Advance Publications : Samuel Newhouse

The Newspapers:
•New York Times : Arthur Sulzberger
•Washington Post : K. M. Graham
•Wall Street Journal : Peter Kahn
•New York Daily News : M. Zuckerman
•New York Post : Peter Chernin

Bush Government Members:
•Douglas Feith - Under Secretary of Defense
•Richard Perle - Pentagon adviser
•Paul Wolfowitz - Deputy Defense Secretary (upgraded to Director of the World Bank 1/6/05)
•David Wormser - adviser to the Vice President
•Harold Rhode - Iran specialist

Clinton Government Members:
•Margaret Albright - Secretary of State
•G. Tenet - Chief of F. B. I.
•W. Cohen - Secretary of Defense
•Robert Rubin - Secretary of Treasury

The United Kingdom:
•BBC TV : Greg Dyke
•Carlton Communications : Michael Green
•Granada : S. Morrison
•BSky : R. Murdoch
•ITV : Michael Green
•ITN : Michael Green
•BBC Radio : Jenny Abramsky

The Newspapers:
•Daily Express : R. Desmond
•Sunday Express: R. Desmond
•Daily Star : R. Desmond
•The Sun : R. Murdoch
•The Times : R. Murdoch
•News of the World : R. Murdoch
•Daily Telegraph : Israel Asper
•Weekly Telegraph : Israel Asper
•Daily Mail : Guy Zitter
Ukraine and Eastern Europe:entral European Media: R Lauder/V.Rabonovich
Russia:ORT : Roman Abramovich
Czech Republic:TV Nova: Roman Abramovich
Every one of the individuals listed above has one thing in common. They are all Jewish.

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