Saturday, 11 August 2012



I stand by Chick not just because of free speech or because I too believe in the traditional view of Marriage but because I do not think  a person, company, employee or anyone else should be persecuted for merely speaking an opinion, Chick does not descriminate against any one wishing to open a franchise neither do they turn down customers who are gay, the man who owns the entire business has every right to say words without fear of persecution.

It just goes to show when it comes to gay issues it seems as if its a "do as I say not as I do" scenario they're always banging on about "homophobia, hate bigorty and intolerance" but once againce again they refuse to show the same level of compassion to the people they don't like.  Y'know Chick has never gone after, chased, hunted down nor beaten , intimidated nor threatened Homosexuals but I can't say the same thing for Gay "marriage" supporters can I.

I have never been to Chick before, I've no personal or emotional attachment to the establishment but for the reason I stated above I support Chick-Fill-A.

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