Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Why I am a Racist

I am a Racist, I'm a racist because I acknowledge genetic differences between the people's of this world, I notice not only skin colour itself but the shape of the Skull, I acknowledge that there are differences in I.Q between us differences in Genetic capabilities.

I am a Racist because I am a White British English person with many generations of existence in this country, and because of this I have a stake in deciding whether or not I would like this country to remain decent in any manor without other peoples (especially Jews) trying to meddle with it.

I am a Racist because I would like to put the interests of my people in front of others.  Non whites as well as non Christians seem to have their Organisations who advocate explicitly on their behalf and so I support the same thing for us.

I am Racist because I refuse to apologise for any supposed Human Rights violations mine have inflicted on others even though they were doing it to themselves anyway.

I am Racist because I acknowledge our histories technological superiority that others did not conceive of until we got there.

I am Racist because I don't think non Whites should get any preferential treatment in the realm of employment, housing, schooling or any other public services.

I am Racist because I'm WHITE.

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