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Main Jewish immigration history America north-east

The Jewish immigration history America started in 1860. In this year 200,000 German Jews immigrated to USA. From 1882 to 1914, 2 million Jews immigrated from eastern Europe to USA. The Jewish immigration in the years 1882-1914 changed the Jews history. It created new Jewish centers, decreased the Jewish numbers in Europe and made new religious-culture trends in the Jewish people.

Jewish immigration history America reasons

The main reasons for the immigration to USA were:
1. The Russia anti-Semitism policy and the pogroms.
2. The desire to give the children better education and happy life.
3. USA dream - Freedom and Gold.
4. Modern vehicles like steam engines and trains.
5. Longing to immigrate that hold some of the Jews, sweep away the others.

Some Jews didn't want to immigrate. The orthodox Jews were afraid that they will not be able to remain Jews and they will not be able to eat kosher food. Many Jews thought that they must stay in Russia and fight for their rights. Others thought that they betray they homeland Russia. Most of the Jews were for the immigration. Even the educated Jews, that first were against the immigration, joined and immigrated to USA.

The main vehicles for the Jewish immigration history America were ships.
    Most of the immigrants traveled from eastern europe to New York harbour

Jewish immigration history America residence and work areas

Eastern Europe Jews streamed to the big trade cities in the north east land: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and to the middle west land: Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh. In this way the Jews could keep their way of life. There is no doubt that the will to stay together, live together and keep in touch push them to the big cities.

In 1914, there were more than 1.5 million Jews in New York city. Why New York?
1. Eastern Europe Jews came to New York harbor and stayed there. Mainly in the east side.
2. New York was the center of the dressing industry which was the Jews preferred branch.
3. In New York there was already a large Jewish community and they thought they will get support.

In 1880 and along the 80's, 65% of the Jews were involved in the Dressing and Textile industry.
Why Dressing and Textile?
1. The Dressing branch was in times of revolution and it had many open jobs.
2. The Jews had knowledge in the textile industry
3. The whole family could work in the dressing field. In this way the family connections reserved and there was no need to work on Saturdays.

Economical and social organizations

The economical and social state of the Jewish immigrants in the years 1880-1914 was better than the none Jewish immigrants. The Jews were known for their organizations. They helped each other and got help from the old Jewish community that came before them from Germany. There were local organization which operated locally and took care for the poor. On the other side, there were Jewish USA organizations. These organizations were economical, social and political organizations. One of them was Bney Brit, which started to help immigrants economically and then pressed the USA government to press the Russian government.

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