Saturday, 19 January 2013

The truth about the Talmud

by Michael Hoffman

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Orthodox Judaism is essentially a pagan religion of self-worship in which the idolatry is nearly constant. Orthodox Judaism is the source of much of what is wrong with Churchianity, as opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as practiced by the true Church for more than a thousand years before the modern era. Orthodox Judaism is the enemy of the Bible. Until you understand these truths you will dwell in abject confusion. Orthodox Judaism despises and distorts, nullifies and degrades, the Word of God. All claims that the rabbinic traditions and sacred texts in any way enhance or explain the Bible, are delusions.

The elders of Israel turned aside from the true God and fell to idolatry in Jerusalem (Ezekiel 8:11-18), and then entering into Babylon, they brought their idols with them in their hearts. They would not let go of their idols. They saw many of their brethren in captivity for that sin, they heard Ezekiel prophesy against their practices and those who upheld them in it. They knew that Nebuchadnezzar had no good will toward them, yet idol worship was firmly entrenched in their hearts. When idols get into Bethel, God's house, it is extremely difficult to remove them; but when they get into the hearts of men, they become immovable. To this day, the rabbis hold fast to their barbarous occult superstitions and idolatrous practices, notwithstanding all the judgments of God which have come upon them. The Talmudists are very tenacious of their chief idol, themselves. Millions of "Christians" esteem Judaism and consequently have become co-idolaters with them. They mock God, thereby. But God is not mocked!

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