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Jewish involvement in Immigration changes in Ireland

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Harry Cohen
Ronit Lentin
Ivana Bacik
Mervyn Taylor
One of the leading ' anti-racists' in Ireland is a foreigner, the Jewish feminist Ronit Lentin, who is an Israeli citizen, Ronit does a lot of thinking about 'the shoah' and 'Ethnic and Racial studies'.
Ronit Lentin also wishes for Internet Censorship and cares a lot for asylum seekers in Ireland
Ronit Lentin Teaches 'Race is a Social Construct' and coordinates the course MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies at Trinity College Dublin.
Her graduates hold positions at An Garda Siochána, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin City Counci,Office of the Refugee Application Commission, The Equality Authority.
See short video clip about Ronit Lentin
The racist Jewish Chabad Lubavitch cult operates from the same place where Ronit Lentin deploys her 'anti-racist' multicultural propaganda!
Also from Trinity College operates Ivana Bacik, (Jewish, from Czech Republic) feminist, pro-abortion campaigner, Labour MP, EU Parliament, gay rights, same-sex marriage. Critical of Israel.
Mervyn Taylor; educated at Zion School, Wesley College Dublin and at Trinity College Dublin his major project was amongst other things the introduction of new, wide ranging anti-discrimination measures, the Employment Equality Bill, and the Equal Status Bill. These were struck down by the Supreme Court, but revised versions were approved by the Government in the final months of Taylor's term of office, and were ultimately published and enacted during the following Dáilterm. [Dáil = Irish Parliament]
Alan Joseph Shatter - Israel First
Alan Joseph Shatter - Israel First
Our man in the Dail - Enlarge
Alan Joseph Shatter; the only current Jewish MP. Shatter was born in Dublin to a Jewish family.
He was educated at The High School, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. Wants to ban traditional sports such as hunting. An outspoken defender of Israeli policies in the Gaza Strip, was compared to Joseph Goebbels by Aengus Ó Snodaigh of Sinn Féin.
Shatter is also the man who has done more to destroy the family in Ireland than any other single individual. Much of the law "reform" in family law has been driven by him.
The Judicial Separation & Family Law Act, 1989 was his private members bill. There's more to nation-wrecking than just importing aliens.
Ireland: Alan Shatter (Jewish) in charge of Justice, Equality, Defence, Immigration Ireland is about 1/6000th Jewish | by comparison; Denmark 1/700
  • The Dublin Government is 1/15th Jew
  • There’s only 1 Jewish politician in the whole country
  • He’s in control of over 1/2 of the government’s most important ministries
I wonder how that happened?

What do you believe? - Ireland: Alan Shatter in charge of Justice, Equality, Defence, Immigration

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Jew money is how it happened. The Irish should open the New Testament and see what is said about the Jews.