Friday, 14 December 2012

The board of Deputies of British Jews

Another big jewish lobby group in the UK.


The Board of Deputies of British Jews exists to promote and defend the religious and civil liberties of British Jewry.
As the community’s democratically elected cross-communal organisation, the Board connects with Government, media and wider society, providing a unique means through which all British Jews can be heard and represented.

More About The Board
The Board at WorkThe Board at Work
For over 250 years the Board of Deputies of British Jews has been at the forefront of safeguarding Jewish life in the UK. The Board works at the heart of British Jewish life, successfully representing every part of our community.
History of the BoardHistory of the Board
The Board was formally established in 1760 when, on the accession to the throne of George III, the Spanish & Portuguese Jewish community presented a loyal address to the monarch.
History of the Board's OfficesHistory of the Board's Offices
The Board’s offices have been located at Number 6, Bloomsbury Square since 2001. Built in 1744, in the ‘Green Square’ of Bloomsbury during the extensive development of the area, it soon became one of the most fashionable residential parts of London, as the first ‘garden’ square.
Structure of the BoardStructure of the Board
The Board is comprised of Deputies elected by Synagogue congregations and communal organisations. In 1835, a modest 22 delegates were elected from four synagogues. Today there are approximately 265 Deputies representing 138 synagogues and 34 communal organisations; from youth movements, to social welfare charities and regional councils.
Role of the DeputyRole of the Deputy
As elected representatives, Deputies infuse the Board of Deputies with its greatest resource. Many offer skills and expertise on a range of issues.
Our PartnershipsOur Partnerships
The Board exists to protect and promote the rights of all parts of the Jewish community, and also works with others in wider society on matters of mutual interest and concern.
Meet the TeamMeet the Team
The Board has a team of professional staff who work tirelessly to serve the needs of British Jews, lobbying politicians, policy makers and opinion formers, responding to Government consultations, empowering the community to engage directly with the political process, the media and grassroots campaigns, and initiating partnerships and coalitions within and outside the community. 

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